No coding required

Even as non-programmer you can create your game with a simple command base structure.

Cross Platform

Work on your game everywhere you go. Optimized for Windows, OSX and Linux to maximize your productivity.

Side-View Battle System

Since battle systems in games are a common thing, we decided to include one of the most popular directly full configurable into the editor.

Export to multiple Platforms

As developer of your game you want to maximize the reach where the players can enjoy your game. So with that in mind RPGBOSS is able to export to multiple operating systems like Windows, OSX and Linux.

Latest Activities



Click your Dreams

Building your world with simple
comands through a intuitive Menu.

No Coding required!

Set up your Characters, Enemies and Animations

With an integrated Database perfectly made for rpg games its even more easier to build rapidly your game.

Fight your own designed enemies

Through the full customizeable battle system you can create your own battles with powerful foes against your heros!

Get in touch

Interested in becoming part of the RPGBOSS community?

Want the source code?

Found an error?

Want to tell something?

Interested in contributing to the project?

How can i contribute?

There are several ways to do so

  • Translation of the editor
  • Adding new features to the editor
  • Improving the webbased technologies (asset server, cooperation server)
  • Spread the word about RPGBOSS
  • Show us a new way to contribute!

Since the project is hosted on github you can fork it and modify the sourcecode.

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